Become a land owner within the period of 1-18 months

Own Your Land

God’s Project 777 Housing Solution Program is an Estate Housing Program that gives you the opportunity to own a land through an installment payment within the period of 1-18 months respectively.

  • A Plot of Land cost 980,000
  • Allocation form per plot 20,000
  • Allocation per half plot 10,000
  • Investor allocation Plot 200.000
  • Investor plot 5 plot @ N5,000,000


• A plot of land Allocation form cost N20,000

• Half Plot of Land Allocation form cost N10,000

• Investors plot of Land allocation plot cost N200,000

Note: The investors Plot is for the contraction of Plazas, School, Clinic, Worship center, Events Center/Play Park, Bakery/Eatery, Bank and ATM stands.


• A plot of Land cost N980,000

• Half Plot Cost N490,000

• 2 Plot of Land Cost N1,960,000

Note: Allocation Form cost is not included in this plot breakdown


• Complete payment for a plot attract 10% discount

• 12 Month Payment for a plot attract 5% discount

• 18 months payment has no discount

• 22 Month payment for a plot cost N1,100,000

Breakdown Payment Method for the Land.

(1) N980,000 for affront payment attract 10% discount
N980,000 – N98,000 = N882,000

(2) Payment within the period of 12 month
N77,590 every month for 12 months
N980,000 – 5% discount (N49,000) = N931,000

(3) Payment within the period of 18 months
N54,450 every month for 18 months = N980,000 no discount.

(4) Payment within the period of 22 Months
N50,000 every month for 22 months
Total of N980, 000

NOTE: If you miss out on a payment after the 18th month, your payment will automatically change to 22 months i.e., you will now be paying 1,100,000 (N120,000 extra).


Gp777 housing solution change lives and transform communities through high quality, affordable Land and Housing.


To ensure that every citizen in our region regardless of their economic status, has good choice in where they live, and opportunity to reach their fullest potentials.


To influence policy makers who can create systems, change and invest in catalytic community building to make this vision a reality.


Quality housing at an affordable price is a spring board for success in educational, employment and health pursuits.